Made For Each Other

Made For Each Other by Karen Cogan

Made For Each Other by Karen Cogan

Her grandmother is suffering from a mild illness when Lissa arrives in New Mexico. Consequently, Grandma sends her young friend Jason to pick Lissa up from the airport. Though Lissa is immediately attracted to him, she is hesitant to step into a romance with a man in a creative profession. She knows from experience that the insecurity of his job would cause her stress. Nonetheless, their mutual tie with Lissa’s grandmother brings them together and Lissa finds it increasingly hard to deny her growing interest in him. Will she be able to ignore the attraction or will her heart lead her down the path of love? Jason also experiences an instant attraction to Lissa. However, his experience with a previous career woman left him war since her devotion to her job came before time spent with him. Can he take the chance that Lissa will be different? If he takes a chance with her, will she break his heart?

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