Message From the Future – WE MADE IT!

Message From the Future - WE MADE IT! by Henning Jon Grini

Message From the Future – WE MADE IT! by Henning Jon Grini

A JOURNEY INTO OUR NEAR FUTUREThis science-fiction book is not about a dystopian future where humans have to fight for survival. Quite the contrary, it is about a bright future where we have managed to overcome most of our problems. It will show the unity, strength, love, and potential of man.The reader is invited on a journey into the future and gets to experience what life is like there. The main character gets to know a woman, and feelings arise between them. Together, they explore society and have numerous conversations about the difference between our society and theirs.In the future that the book describes, life is brighter, nature cleaner, and our problems mostly solved. The world the protagonist encounters have a far more loving and positive approach to life.

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