Casey Sensitive

Casey Sensitive by Loxy Isadora Bliss

Casey Sensitive by Loxy Isadora Bliss

This story is fiction. I think I am obligated to lead with that. Any similarities to people and
events in real life are purely coincidental. If you have to ask ‘what is real life,’ you’re on a
different playing field and likely not to have any concord to anything I convey. In that case, have
fun. Though there are characters within that may resemble real people, I assure you they are not
those people. They are not ghosts of those people. At least, we hope not. I’m open, but not
claiming that. What happens in here is contained within a certain practice of meditation, in a
concentrated daydream aka trance state, and so strictly from the context of an internal,
psychological phenomena, the measure is not in determining what’s real or what’s not, what’s
metaphor and what’s not, but in determining degrees improved functionality post experience;
discovering personal truths, insight, and finding peace is the only goal. Jung recommends not
doing that during the experience, but after. We agree with Jung: it’s emotionally efficacious to
just close your eyes and experience.

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