Venus in Furs

Venus in Furs by Ritter von Leopold Sacher-Masoch

Venus in Furs by Ritter von Leopold Sacher-Masoch

Made into 2013 film, Venus in Furs, by Academy Award winning director, Roman Polanski,

Story of a man who willingly makes himself a sexual slave of a beautiful woman whom he loves. Tantalizing erotic tale of sexual obsession, submission, perversion and control.

Severin is so infatuated with Wanda, that he requests to be treated as her slave, and encourages her to treat him in progressively more degrading ways. At first Wanda does not understand or relate to the request, but after humoring Severin she finds the advantages of the method to be stimulating and enthusiastically embraces the idea; though at the same time, she disdains Severin for allowing her to do so.

Perfect book for fans of erotica including Fifty Shades of Grey (50 Shades trilogy) by E L James.

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